About Dundee

a3426f46-e2e4-4ac7-b95c-514cb1590960Less than five minutes away is Caleba’s the number one attraction in Michigan with more than 6 million visitors per year.

The outdoors superstore has a 48ft rock wall, a museum full stuffed wild animals, and an extremely large aquarium.

Whether you are interested in the outdoors or you just want to have a good time, Cabela’s is the place for you.


shapeimage_11The Old Mill located just outside of downtown, showcases all of Dundee’s history for all to enjoy.

The museum includes both permanent exhibits displaying the farming history of the region and Native American people.

The Old Mill is a great way to spend an afternoon learning about the past, and enjoying Dundee.

In Dundee, you will find a number of restaurants, local and national chain grocery stores, several hardware stores.

Dundee also has their own police, fire and community schools for students in grades Pre-K – 12.

For more information, visit the Dundee Village website or the Dundee Chamber of Commerce.